Swap Your Chaos for Calm 

Get the tools to transform your family life today!

Do you find yourself:

  • Regularly shouting at your children?
  • Feeling exasperated because your children do not listen?
  • Fighting frustration from lack of respect that your children show to you/their environment?

You are not alone. What’s more, it no longer has to be this way.

I’m Camilla Miller—qualified, UK parenting coach, mother and proud founder of Keeping Your Cool Parenting. 

I give non-judgemental, expert support and I teach parenting techniques proven to help parents of challenging children aged between 3-11 years. My five-week positive parenting course helps hundreds of parents just like you to overcome all forms of parenting issues.

“I am so pleased I decided to do your positive parenting course. I didn’t expect to get as much from the course as I have and it’s been amazing how of much a difference it has made to us. It’s early days but the children are so much more co-operative, happier and I’m definitely less stressed! I think all families would benefit from your course!” Emma. Rustington





How do I know that this is the right parenting course for me?

My five-week positive parenting course is designed for you if:

  • You find parenting stressful and you want positive, lasting change
  • You are worn down by constant arguing or sibling squabbles
  • Communication is poor and you feel overwhelmed
  • You are not sure of the best way to deal with a challenging child
  • Shouting, threatening and pleading leave you frustrated

What will I learn during the five-week positive parenting course?

You will learn how to identify the challenges of parenting in the 21stcentury and a powerful communication style to create willing cooperation without coercion.

I will also teach you:

  • How to avoid making the biggest discipline mistakes and what these are
  • How to remain in charge and escape permissive parenting
  • The twelve barriers to communication and why your children do not listen
  • Five subtle strategies to encourage your children to willingly listen and cooperate without coercion. EVERY TIME!
  • How to stop shouting. Powerful methods to stay calm and in control. No matter the situation
  • To boost and develop sibling harmony. Finally wave goodbye to bickering
  • How to melt defiance, aggression and keep your cool
  • Four life-changing tools to stop whining, back talk and tantrums
  • Clear boundary setting without resorting to punishment, threat or reward

What results can I expect?

If you keep doing the same things yet expect a different outcome—nothing is going to change, unless you take action.

My five-week positive parenting course will bring you long lasting change and proven results.

These results include:

  • Calm: expect willing cooperation from your children and no more moaning about homework or chores.
  • Connected: enjoy a mutually rewarding relationship through proactive parenting. No more whining, back talk and tantrums.
  • Stable: positive changes to reflect solid family values, withoutthe need to repeat yourself over and over again.
  • Harmonious: discipline techniques for handling negative behaviour effectively. Ditch unfounded, traditional parenting methods and transform your family life.
  • Unity: improve and restore your relationship with your spouse. Implement a joint parenting style that will wave goodbye to sabotage and blame.
  • Confidence: you take charge in a positive, clear and self-reliant way. No more feelings of guilt, inadequacy or power struggles.
  • Consistency: keep a handle on future trigger moments, with lasting and effective tools.
  • Long-lasting: be the parent you always wanted to be, with quick, simple and effective techniques.

How does the five-week positive parenting course work?  

The five-week positive parenting course consists of one weekly workshop session, spread over a five-week period. Practically structured for your convenience, the sessions can either be attended in-person or online.

You can choose from:

Group Sessions

Meet new people, make lifelong friends and connect with a local network of other parents in a similar situation to you. Sessions are conducted in Sussex. All held within a relaxed, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

Private Coaching Sessions

Tailored to your specific needs and circumstance, this is perfect for both parents who want to complete the positive parenting course together. Benefit from one-to-one home visits without the need to arrange babysitters.

Friend’s Parenting Sessions

Organise your own private group of friends and enjoy shared experiences and parenting coaching with familiar faces. Learn how to overcome the challenges of parenthood together and build a strong support network within your own circle. Sessions are conducted at your chosen location.

Professional Coaching Sessions

Ideal for nursery school staff, childminders and childcare workers, these workshops are tailored to your own needs within your professional capacity. Designed to improve your interactions and help you to engage with challenging children. You learn powerful communication techniques, based upon scientific child development studies. This means you can provide a richer and more enjoyable experience for every child in your care.

Throughout the course you will also receive:

  • Expert support and advice
  • Notebooks/writing materials, tips and guidance cheat sheets
  • Assignments, accountability and feedback

How much does it cost and how do I book?

My five-week positive parenting group course is currently priced from just £275.

Please contact me for more information, dates and availability.