You hit snooze one too many times, your 5-year-old is crabby and refusing to eat breakfast because “You haven’t his favourite cereal” Your 8-year-old is upset that you don’t have time to plait her hair and she can’t find her favourite cardigan. You can’t find your shoes. And as if that wasn’t enough, your son, who has now changed his mind about breakfast, has gone and split his cereal all

  DID YOU KNOW THAT A DEMAND AND A REQUEST CAN START OUT THE SAME WAY? To tell the two apart it’s important to notice what we do if our ask is not complied with. It becomes a demand if our child does not comply with our request and we go straight in with a punishment of some form. We get triggered by that word NO! “Well, if you

It is all in the HOW we see things. One of life’s luxuries! I had a trip to the supermarket kid free… and I was walking slowly down the aisle taking my time for once, without having to stop or fend off “Can I HAAAAVVEEEEE…” or wrestle down the sweet aisle.. (Know what I mean?!) And I was following behind a mum and her two boys, they were the sweetest boys, helping the mum