About Me

Camilla of Keeping Your Cool Parenting and her two childrenParenting was a struggle for me. Just getting my children off to school in the morning and to sleep at night was a battle.

As a mother, I was barely surviving.

My two children are very different in character.  My son is laidback and has an easy temperament. Then BOOM! My daughter was born.

She is full of life, strong willed and gets easily overwhelmed. She was the child who had the huge meltdowns in the supermarket, who would be screaming as she left a play-date, who would push my buttons like no one else. She was hard work! 

I seemed to be always shouting at my children or threatening or punishing them in order to get them to listen to what I was saying.  My mind-set was, “I’m the winner they WILL do as I say!” I was working against my children, commanding them to do things my way or the highway.  I was constantly losing my cool. It really wasn’t working for me.

Something had to change.

With my background in primary education I have spent the last few years training and researching a better way to connect and communicate and I now know that there is a better way, where you can remain in charge, ditch the stress and power struggles and still build a strong connected relationship.

It was a revelation.  A light bulb moment. It completely changed my way of thinking and I know it can do the same for you.

Parenting is not about control.  It is about communication, talking and listening.  It is about building a solid and permanent relationship. The rest will follow.

Parenting is not about my kids but about me, how I speak to them and how I react to them.  I learnt to keep my cool, take a deep breath and use those few seconds before reacting in order to see what was really going on. I have learnt how to respond to my children in a different way.

Who knew that ditching the timeouts and punishments and the endless power struggles would result in better-behaved kids who willingly cooperated and that you could obtain a closer and harmonious relationship by changing the way you think and act?  I now have a closer relationship with my children than I ever thought possible.

Sharing this knowledge has become a passion of mine and I want to spread the word.  By no means am I a perfect parent but good parenting is not about being perfect. 

Good parenting is about being conscious. Breaking the old cycles and becoming aware of how we interact with our children.

My aim is to help and support families on their parenting journey. It is such an honour for me to witness the huge transformation in their family life.

It is time to make the shift, gain willing cooperation, have children who listen to you for the first time and improve family harmony.

Contact me to find out how I can support you on your parenting journey. 

I offer a free half hour, no obligation consultation so you understand how you too can become the parent you always wanted to be.

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“You are such a special, amazing person. Thank you so much for helping me. I have all the trust in you and know you will help me by the parent I want to be”