Time to build a mutually rewarding relationship with your child and be the parent you want to be?

As a parent, I don’t need to tell you that raising children is one of the most meaningful and important jobs you will ever do. However, I do need to tell you, that although parenting is not always easy, it really doesn’t need to be this hard.

I’m Camilla Miller—parenting coach, mother and proud founder of Keeping Your Cool Parenting.

Through my work, my main aim is to remove the perfect parenting expectation; there is no such thing. ALL parents struggle and at some point, we all need to reach out for support. Every year, I save hundreds of parents like you from sleepless nights and hair tearing.

I’m so glad you found me, you are in the right place. Keep reading, because help is here for you too.

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When your children rule the roost, negatively impact family well-being and call all the shots, life can feel like it is spiralling out of control.

To deal with your child’s challenging behaviour, you resort to traditional parenting methods, such as:

  • Timeout
  • Coercion
  • Rewards
  • Punishments
  • Threats

Not only does this become a vicious circle, these discipline methods just do not work.

You crave a calm home. One without constant squabbling, shouting and battles of defiance; yet, to try and figure out how you can implement this on your own—feels almost like another battle.

This all combines to make your parenting guilt, exhaustion, fear of failure and strain even greater.

Does this sound familiar?

 What if I told you that you can remove power struggles, transform tranquillity AND stop the shouting?

No matter your location, my group and one to one parent coaching courses help you learn the skills to parent, co-parent and respond to challenging behaviour effectively. I will also teach you a powerful communication style to overcome conflict and benefit the whole family unit.

Designed for parents of children aged between 3-11 years, my non-judgemental, professional parenting techniques give you the roadmap to underpin the solid foundation of your family life.

Wherever you are on your parenting journey, together we will gently restore the family harmony you crave. Above all, with fresh eyes, new perspective and focus, I bring calm to your chaos and give you all the expert support and tools you will need to prosper.

I don’t claim to offer you a quick fix or a short-term solution. Instead, my expert parenting coaching courses provide simple and proven long-lasting techniques.

Ready to ditch traditional parenting techniques, unworkable discipline responses and introduce the balance and joy back into your family?

Read more about my parenting coaching courses here or contact me to schedule your FREE 30-minute confidential consultation today. I am waiting to help you.

“Camilla helped me define the type of parent I wanted to be and the values I wanted my children to have. Since starting the course my children have started to listen to me and our relationship is improving every day.” — Rachel. Worthing 

5 day mini course on how to get your kids to listen

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