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What is it with us parents?! Why do we have the need to be right? To prove our point, we can spend so much time trying to convince our child that we are right and they are wrong, it really gets us nowhere fast. It is useful to ask yourself what is the purpose of your interaction? Do you want your child to listen to you and learn or do you want to be right? … [Read more…]

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When I mess up, lose my cool or have a full-blown adult tantrum, I own up and apologise.   I did actually lose it tonight, I ended up in a stupid power struggle with my daughter and really did have a full-blown adult tantrum. I did apologise and all is back to calm.   Isn’t learning to own up and take accountability for our actions what we want to teach our children? By modelling our … [Read more…]

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“Because children see parents as authority figure and gods, they think that the way you treat them is the way they deserve to be treated: “What you say about me is what I am.” Is a literal truth to your child.”

Kids behave according to the perceptions they have of themselves. So, think about your daily communication with your child. Do they think of themselves as lazy, naughty, loud, annoying, stupid, not good enough, that they can’t make good decisions and their needs are unimportant? Or do they see themselves as capable, able, valued, understood, that their needs and wants are accepted and valid? Children’s beliefs about themselves are formed through our every-day interactions and the words we … [Read more…]

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