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  Bananarama may have really been onto something! “It ain’t what you do, but the way that you do it – and that’s what gets results.” I know that sometimes this wonderful journey of parenting seems to get increasingly difficult.  Especially so when we just want an easy life by getting our children out of the house in the morning, for them to pick up their own toys and for them to come to dinner … [Read more…]

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In Pursuit Of Magic

What does Acknowledging actually look like. Tempers were rising. Mum wanted all the family to go for a walk and Leon was defiant, he was not going. He sat on the floor of his room, was feeling exhausted and misunderstood. His little body tired and worn-out from all the arguing. Leon just wanted to stay at home and build his Lego. But Mum had other plans and neither person was going to budge even an … [Read more…]

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What is it with us parents?! Why do we have the need to be right? To prove our point, we can spend so much time trying to convince our child that we are right and they are wrong, it really gets us nowhere fast. It is useful to ask yourself what is the purpose of your interaction? Do you want your child to listen to you and learn or do you want to be right? … [Read more…]

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