Without the usual threats, bribes and punishments  Most of us parent on auto pilot, the way we were parented is engrained into our psyche. Parenting decisions handed down from the generation before.  From the way, we handle tantrums, back talk or not listening. I spent years following the advice of generations before, “be stronger, show her who’s boss, take things away.” I felt my tempers rising, the shouting getting stronger and the power struggles mounting. … Continue reading the holy grail of parenting, WILLING COOPERATION!

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    A few years ago, I was in daily battles with my 5-year- old daughter, I saw her acting out and defiance as something I need to punish, to teach her a lesson. I went down the road of taking toys away, cancelling play dates all in the mistaken belief that this would change her behaviour and this is what I was meant to do as her mother, that this was the way to … Continue reading The first step to change your child’s behaviour.  Ask yourself these five questions.

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What is Naughty Anyway?

Posted on February 15, 2017

I hate the word naughty! I really want us to answer the question “What is naughty?” Is it naughty or is it just a child being childish? Are they just using the best resources, skills and brain development they have at that moment? If my child could do any better in that moment, don’t you think they would?   When my child hits, kicks or doesn’t share they are NOT naughty.  They just lack the impulse … Continue reading What is Naughty Anyway?

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