I am going to share with you WHY typical consequences don’t work and 5 ways that do work that build lasting change without power struggles and stress.  Have you ever sat around with friends dreaming up consequences that fit your kid’s misbehaviour? I know I have in the past, when I’d had enough of my kid’s behaviour and just didn’t know what else to do. We mean well as parents, we want the

Ever wondered why utter chaos can unfold in a blink of an eye?  Our communication has a HUGE role to play. 

We have the best intentions to remain calm and then a situation arises and we take a curve ball. One minute all is calm and the next it’s utter chaos…. Know that feeling?

Imagine having kids that WANT to listen to you and do as you ask! How much easier would our parenting journey would be?!  You see, I think most of us parent on auto pilot, the way we were parented is engrained into our psyche. Parenting decisions handed down from the generation before.  From the way, we handle tantrums, back talk or not listening. I spent years following the advice of generations before, “Be